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Hello, welcome to Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film. Milk Plus is a communal web log (or blog) that is dedicated to the review, discussion, evaluation, and analysis of film and other, related multi-media topics (such as television and criticism). Essentially, we are a collective of writers who have come together because we are all opionated, passionate lovers of film who wish to share with friends and strangers alike.

Milk Plus was founded in March 2002 by our original administrator, McBain, writing on March 10th:

Milk Plus: the Korova Milkbar for the intelligentsia. Starting a group of friendly members from the NYT Movie Forum, and adding on from there, we've assembled a collective of valuable contributors for a message board where films can be discussed at length and with both great debate and sympathetic analysis. Cutting out the moronic trolls that plague the NYT forum as well as the endless white noise chatter, this format will encourage a more fruitful and efficient way for all of us to communicate across the globe on the topics.

Milk Plus takes its name from the favorite spot of Alex and his Droogs, a name chosen in homage to Stanley Kubrick and his film A Clockwork Orange, both of which are held in high esteem by many of our blog members. If you have not seen or heard of this film, check out this link.

Board Posting Policies

Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film is a board for civil discussion and all members and readers are asked to follow a few simple rules:
1. Given the nature of the web blog format, only members of Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film are all allowed to post to the main message board. Members, please make sure that you have a Name listed under your profile, so everyone will know who has written a particular post.
2. At the end of each message on the main board, you will find a section called "Comments." Clicking on this will open a new box in which anyone is allowed to write comments. Some things to remember when writing comments:

First, always remember to include a Name when writing your comments.
Second, if you wish, please also include your full Email Address and Homepage URL.
Third, please remember that the text box provided has a maximum limit of 2500 characters; if you wish to post longer comments, you will have to do it in multiple comments posts.
Fourth, be constructive. That is, please try to keep your comments related to either the initial post on the main board or on how the comments thread has developed.
Fifth, be respectful. Flaming, Baiting, Bashing, Trolling, and Malicious Personal attacks, whether on a blog member, reader, or the board itself will NOT be tolerated. All offending comments will be deleted by the Admins.
Sixth, the Milk Plus members have come to a decision that Spoiler Alerts (that is, not revealing important plot information unless the information is preceeded by a warning phrase, such as SPOILERS) are not required in the Comments Section, though you may opt to use them.

3. A stated above, Flaming, Baiting, Bashing, Trolling, and Malicious Personal attacks on a blog member, reader, or the board itself are not permitted on Milk Plus. Any personal issues should be taken to email or instant messenging. Any blog members who abuse their posting privleges in this way will have their posts edited or deleted by one of the Admins; they will also be warned via email. If problems persist, blog members could have their posting privleges suspended or revoked. If a problem persists with a non-blog member in the Comments section, the non-blog member will be warned via email; if problems persist, the Admins will delete all of these poster's subsequent comments.
4. Always use a title for posts to the main board.
5. When posting pictures to the main board, please use your best judgement; avoid pictures that may unnecessarily clutter the board or lead to longer load times. If you are using multiple pictures, please use only one (and at the maximum two) large pictures. Use your best judgement when deciding upon what constitutes a "large picture." We will not be imposing any pixel limits at this time.
6. SPOILER ALERTS, while a courtesy, are not required for posts to the main board, which is one reason why post titles are so important. Please assume that each post contains spoilers whether these are indicated or not.
7. The contents of all posts and comments are the responsibility of the poster who made them, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the blog, Admins, or other blog members.

General Board Information

1. The main board of the blog displays posts for fourteen days; however, if no posts are made on a particular day, the day with no posts does not count against the total fourteen days.
2. The blog is archived weekly, from a Sunday to a Saturday of a particular calendar week. The Archives may be searched manually or via the Search Engine.
3. The Search Engine searches for words in various posts; usually it functions correctly, however, if for some reason, it does not seem to be working, it is best to wait a few hours and try again. If problems persist for more than a day or two, it is best to contact one of the Admins.
4. Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film currently has four Admins: McBain, Shroomy, Phyrephox, and Private Joker. Their email addresses and AIM screen names can be found at the top of the left sidebar. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to email one of them, and they will try to respond as soon as possible.

Joining Milk Plus/Blog Membership

Membership to Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film is by invitation of the Admins only. The decision to invite someone to join the blog is based upon merit and compatability with the other blog members. 1. Merit is determined by the quality of available writings, by a given poster, on the subject of film. Preference is given to comments made on Milk Plus itself, but writings on other boards will be considered. In general, a poster must have an ample body of quality work from which an evaluation can be made.
2. Once someone has asked to join, or has been nominated, by a blog member, for membership to Milk Plus, the Admins will evaluate the potential member's work, as well as their general demeanor when making these posts.
3. The Admins will vote on the merits of a potential member; two out of the three Admins must vote "yes" for membership to be accepted, and no other blog members can have serious objections. Potential members will be informed via email whether they have been accepted or not.
4. If a member has been accepted, an invitation will be sent to them, via email, by one of the Admins. Follow the instructions provided in that email to join Milk Plus
5. As a new member of Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film, you are entitled to several perks:

First, if you have a personal webpage, this page may be linked under the Member's Marquee section of our Quick Links. In return, we ask that you provide a link to the Milk Plus url.
Second, each Milk Plus member is entitled to a recommendation box; these run down the left hand side of the blog's main page, underneath Quick Links. Each box, titled with your blog nickname, has space for any three selections (current movies, television shows, classic movies, etc.) and a space for a link to your YMDB.com All Time Top 20 list (click here for details). Please provide one of the Admins with your desired recommendations and ymdb.com link. If you need further updates to your recommendation box, please email one of the Admins.

6. If you wish to voluntarily leave Milk Plus, email an Admin, and they will delete your membership, which will revoke all membership perks. However, assuming you leave on good terms, you can re-apply for your membership at a later date.

Quick Links Information

Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film has its quick links subdivided into four sections:

The Member's Marquee. This section is reserved for the personal homepages of blog members. If a blog member has a personal webpage, and they want a link to appear (or be deleted) in the Member's Marquee, then an email must be sent to an Admin so the work can be done.
Critical Contacts. This section is reserved for links to film critics that have an online presence. Generally, critics that appear under this section are blog member's personal favorites, but anyone can suggest a link for the Critical Contacts section to any one of the Admins.
Lobby Reading. This section is reserved for links to online film magazines and print film magazines with an online presence. Generally, film magazines that apppear under this section are blog member's personal favorites, but anyone can suggest a link for the Lobby Reading section to any one of the Admins.
The Video Store. This section is reserved for links to online DVD and Video distributors, as well as sites which provide information on home video releases. If anyone has a link they would like to suggest for The Video Store, please email one of the Admins.
Reel Resources. This section is reserved for miscellaneous film and media-based resources, which could be useful and interesting to the blog members and their readers. Anyone can suggest a link for the Reel Resources section to any one of the Admins.
The Blog Bijou. This section is reserved for other film, media, and pop culture blogs. In exchange for a link to Milk Plus: A Discussion of Film, we will create a link to the blog in the Blog Bijou section of the Quick Links. Contact one of the Admins for more information.